Present & past continous

Verb + ing / ando-endo

√ affirmative = ツ + verb to be + verb ing + comp
They are cooking dinner

✖ negative = ツ + not + verb ing + comp
They aren't cooking dinner

? interrogative = verb to be  (is, am, are) + ツ + verb ing + comp + ?
Are they cooking dinner?

Peña Nieto getting up the price of live.
Jacinta is breaking the rules of CEICO
Panchito isn't reading the Bible.
Is Michael Jackson walking in the moon?Manolita is cutting her thongue with the knife
Javier is rolling the corpse of his mother in law.
El Peje isn't thinking in meeting meanwhile sleeping.

1.- Sólo se agrega ing al final.
2.- Si el verbo termina con Y sólo se coloca ing al final.
3.- Si el verbo termina con letra e.
4.- Verbos que terminan con ie.

Past continous
Verb + ing / ando-endo
Verb to be:
I, am, he, she, it, is=Was
They, we, you, are = Were

√ affirmative = ツ + was/were be + verb ing + comp
Were are cooking dinner

✖ negative = ツ + was/were + not + verb ing + comp
Were aren't cooking dinner

? interrogative = was/were + ツ + verb ing + comp + ?
Are were cooking dinner?

I was smiling when I see you.
We were celebrating your birthday.
Were copying your homework?

Alicia was closing her torteria
Alicia was not closing her torteria
Was Alicia closing her torteria?

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